Andy Lockhart: drums
Blair Miller: keys, lead vox
Brad Stewart: bass, backing vox
Jeramy Templin: guitar
Kyle Wayne Stewart: guitar, backing vox


For months on end, I've been on the mend
Forgot my woman, lost my best friend
But if they daylight's shining through my window tomorrow
I'm going to make this chapter end

The summer sun has scorched the land
The robots are the stars on the American Bandstand
I've never been a stranger in my whole life
Now I'm looking out west at that golden sand

My uncle went to Vietnam
And my Grandpa helped them drop The Bomb
What do you do when the war's at home
And the soldiers are our minds?

I'm headed for the ocean
Our heads are out at sea

The clouds aren't rolling in again
It's nice to see
It's the end of that for you and me
No one there will even know our names
We'll find a place where the sun is always overhead
So we can step out from the shadows


from Two​-​Bit Strangers [EP], released June 21, 2013
Song written by Blair Miller
Music written and performed by Richard the Lionhearted




Richard the Lionhearted Columbia, Missouri

"They have a sound born before its members were…drawing deep from wells of psychedelic rock and cosmic-minded country sounds that were dug in the 1970s…yet deftly passing their retro-fied sonic penchants through the eye of a modern-rock needle.” ... more

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