Richard the Lionhearted [LP]

by Richard the Lionhearted

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Richard the Lionhearted, a five-piece Columbia, Mo.-based band, recently finished touring the northeast with stops in Brooklyn, Boston, Portland and Chicago in support of their first full-length album, which the band self-released in December 2010. The self-titled album itself is well composed – darkly textured and moody featuring strong Southern-tinged vocals – and their live performance lives up to that quality with healthy amounts of distortion and fuzz, eerie backing harmonies and bass lines that form familiar sounds of eras past with an obvious eye towards the future.

“This band hails from the heartland of America but much of their music has shadings of the west coast or the desert southwest,” writes Kevin Wierzbicki of

“They're not exactly cowboys on acid but a generous amount of psychedelia informs their music with an eerie aura, like it's floating in from a distant radio station that you're lucky enough to catch for a few miles as you ramble down some forlorn highway. It doesn't take too much scrutiny to realize there's something special going on here... which results in music that is both full of warmth and intellectually stimulating.”

As of July 2011, Richard the Lionhearted had played more than 40 shows during their first 18 months as a band, including three festivals and a northeast tour. The Lionhearted have opened for indie and major acts Tapes ‘n Tapes, Other Lives, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Ferraby Lionheart, Apollo Heights, Oberhofer, O’Death, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Joan of Arc, and Jerusalem and the Starbaskets, among others.

For more information on Richard the Lionhearted, or for a free download of their album, visit

Kyle Wayne Stewart - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Mandolin
Blair Miller - Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Violin
Brad Stewart - Vocals, Bass
Jeramy Templin - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Andy Lockhart - Drums


released December 17, 2010

All songs written and performed by Richard the Lionhearted.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Evan Meeks at Rosewood Music in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Album art hand-pressed acrylic on carved linoleum. By Kyle Wayne Stewart and Jeramy Templin.
© 2010 Richard the Lionhearted. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Richard the Lionhearted Columbia, Missouri

"They have a sound born before its members were…drawing deep from wells of psychedelic rock and cosmic-minded country sounds that were dug in the 1970s…yet deftly passing their retro-fied sonic penchants through the eye of a modern-rock needle.” ... more

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Track Name: Ain't Been Straight
What's the point in trying, baby
That's what you would say
Unless you're ready for dying, baby
Yeah they're one in the same

I gave you my heart, love
All you returned to me was pain
I've been trying, love
But I just ain't been the same

You sent me a postcard, love
When you went away
I gave you roses, love
But you threw them away

I've been trying, love
But I just can't get you straight
I've been trying, love
But I feel I've gone insane

I wrote you a letter, woman
When I was feeling down
It came back to me sealed, baby
Saying 'cannot be found'

I've been trying, love
But I just can't keep it straight
I've been trying, love
But it just ain't been the same
Track Name: Anatomy Lesson
I liked you better in white
It's a nice contrast
From the black, sharp heels
And your bitter heart made to match

You were casting a gaze
Over the river's edge
The morning light reflecting in the water
Reminded you of him

And then our boat it stalled
And you were so scared
But your cool was so contagious
I just stopped and stared

I'd suck your lips to my lungs
To make you more a part of me
And I'd bite your tongue
So you couldn't even speak

And you'd smoke your lungs
And I'd flood my liver
But I'd take a drag from you
Just to taste you that much clearer

Please take my winter coat
I don't need it any more
Visions of your bare skin
Against mine will keep me warm

Please take my eyes
'Cause I don't need to see
I'll close my eyes
And I'll see you in my dreams

I'd suck your lips to my lungs
To make you more a part of me
And I'd bite your tongue
So you couldn't even speak

And you'd smoke your lungs
And I'd flood my liver
But I'd take a drag from you
Just to taste you that much clearer
Track Name: Son House
You don't know what you do
Whenever I'm with you
Don't know what you do

For I've loved you so long
I've lost right from wrong
I've lost right from wrong

For if you go to that lonesome valley
Won't you say a prayer
For the ones who live there

Please, won't you lay me down
In the cold wet ground
It's where I want to be found

Please, won't you bury me in my fields
The ones that never yield
'Cause I don't want to come back
Track Name: Whale Bones
Where do you go when your money's gone
Your wife's at home but your children are alone
Your mother prays for you every night

I found you out in your backyard
You were lying on your back staring at the stars
You couldn't even form a single word

I followed you back through your old house
As I walked inside I couldn't find
A single sign of life at all

Where do you go when your money's gone
Your wife's at home but your children are alone
You cry yourself to sleep from time to time

Where do you go when your luck is gone
And you can't find a way to carry on
Because the life that you knew has gone away
Track Name: O, California
I still remember the first time that we met
It was Christmas morning and the ground was cold and wet
You were kneeling in the snow drawing funny figures and shapes
I went up and asked your name but you said it's all the same

The second time I saw you it was Easter morning
I was in your Sunday dress as the service did begin
But you ran outside and I followed as well
You said that you hated church because it makes you feel like hell

We walked down the river until we got to the old east bank
I threw rocks at some bottles until they broke and sank
I kissed you in the graveyard; you acted so surprised
I guess I misread you; it must have been something in your eyes

Why do you go
Why couldn't you stay with me
Why is it the best things about this town always leave
You said you'd be home for Christmas and again in July
That seems like years from now but I guess I'll have to try

After you left I took a job down at the mill
I was putting in sixty hours but I still found time to kill
You wrote me once or twice just to say that you're doing fine
You made some friends out there and the weather really blows your mind

O, California! I hear it's always sunny out there
I like to picture you with flowers in your hair
Maybe a summer dress when the weather suits you fine
But I will never forget your brown eyes and that they once were mine

Why do you go
Why couldn't you stay with me
Why is it the best things about this town always leave
You said you would love for me to be with you now
Well, you know I'd like that too if I could only figure out how
Track Name: Badlands
We drive all night
Just to get sober
There's no one in sight
I think I'll pull over
Here come headlights from behind
I think they found us

No, they just drove by
I think we're okay now
Let's push harder this time
We're almost free now
Flashing lights from behind
I think we're done now

There's no need to fight
Let's talk it over
No, please don't you cry
Let's just talk it over

This is my last ride
I'll never forget you
Go on your own
They'll never catch you

Go on your own
No, they'll never catch you
Go on, now
I'll never forget you
Track Name: My, My, My
I work these hands just to make them bleed
My nerves are shaky
My back is weak

I had a woman and I watched her grow
I watched her grow distant
And walk out my door

Had me a girl once for a night
She was out like a thief
And in the morning what a sight

O, my, my
O, my, my

My money's spent long before it's made
I just don't know how much more of this I can take

I'd like to find a place to rest my head
A sweet woman with whom I'd share my bed

O, my, my
O, my, my

I learned a lot from the books at school
To what purpose
No, I never found a use

They tried to teach me wrong from right
But I blew it all with a bottle of Beam that night

O, my, my
O, my, my
Track Name: Adieu
I was feeling down about myself
So I asked a doc about my health
He said my head could use a little help

I saw a shrink and asked my fate
He told me 'Son, you'll be great'
'Just head downtown and find yourself a date'

I never put no trust in faith
Until I walked inside and saw her face
I looked up to the sky and said Hallelujah

I strolled on up and asked her name
She told me I could call her Jane
We had a dance and then I took her home

Whoever said that good things last
Never learned a damn thing from the past
Because Jane, she left me for another man

I've never been a man of god
But baby, now the feeling's gone
You've got me on my knees and have me praying

These memories, they weigh a ton
So I saw a man about a gun
To be sure I don't think of you again

I took a drink and cleared my head
And sat myself upon my bed
I tasted fire and knew that I was dead

I'm never going to think of you again
Track Name: Ghost
It was a cold winter and snow fell around
You were found upstream the river drowned

It wasn't me, no I ain't the one
but the town came for me with loaded guns

Well the judge said guilty and sentenced me to die
and the hangman's gallows... they loomed high

They laid me down in the old churchyard right next to you, my love
We'll never part

O, what a beautiful ghost
Track Name: You've Heard That One Before
Woke up on Sunday with no warning
In someone else's bed
So I collected what little I had
And headed back for your arms instead

On the way I stopped to by you some flowers
But when I got back you wouldn't let me in
You said my time here has run its course
And that your patience has worn thin

So I walked down to the station
To buy me a ticket for the train
I figured just because you didn't want me anymore
Doesn't mean everybody feels the same

This old earthquake is going to shake my bones
I've got to find me a better song
'Cause there ain't no job you could give me
That I wouldn't tire of before long

All this whiskey, wine, and women
Is slowly driving me insane
Yeah, I wake up most mornings
Not even sure of my own name

Yeah, you could say I'm cold and lonely
And that I would like to come home
And I'd tell you you're my only
But I know you've heard that one before

So I wrote you a letter
But I haven't heard from you for weeks
I guess you didn't reconsider
So I make my way back to the streets

Getting pretty tired of these smokey bar room nights
And I've played my last song
With this way I've been living
I won't be around here very long