Two​-​Bit Strangers

from by Richard the Lionhearted



Andy Lockhart: drums
Blair Miller: keys, backing vox
Brad Stewart: bass, backing vox
Jeramy Templin: guitar
Kyle Wayne Stewart: guitar, lead vox


Pushing the pedal as far as she goes
Wondering "will she take it, or will she blow?"
Getting from the sun about as much as we can take
Hoping hard we won't break
Roaming from town to town like two-bit strangers
Looking for whisky, women and danger
Every time out they get a little bit stranger

Limp into town and ask, "What do you think?"
"To tell you the truth, man, I could use a drink."
"There's a place over yonder, let's step inside."
Old man greets us, says "Sit down boys and enjoy the ride - it's a mighty wild ride."
"Every night it gets a little more dangerous
When they shut down the streets and go looking for strangers
I tell you, boys, it ain't no joke.
You boys are going to learn that lesson well."

Turns out the old man he was right
The heat hit us just as soon as we stepped outside
Next thing we know, man, we hit the ground
As thousands of eyes start passing around and around
Every time it gets a little more dangerous
Roaming through this town pretending we ain't strangers
I tell you, boys, it ain't no joke.
You boys are going to learn your lessons well


from Two​-​Bit Strangers [EP], released June 21, 2013
Song by Kyle Wayne Stewart.
Music written and performed by Richard the Lionhearted.




Richard the Lionhearted Columbia, Missouri

"They have a sound born before its members were…drawing deep from wells of psychedelic rock and cosmic-minded country sounds that were dug in the 1970s…yet deftly passing their retro-fied sonic penchants through the eye of a modern-rock needle.” ... more

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