Andy Lockhart: drums
Blair Miller: keys, backing vox
Brad Stewart: bass, backing vox
Jeramy Templin: guitar
Kyle Wayne Stewart: guitar, lead vox


Tell me what you mean by these gasoline dreams
Fiery desires consume most everything
Every spark fades, that's the way it goes
Don't burn too bright with nothing left to show

From my window I watch you leave
In that moment I cease to breathe
I don't want to lose you to the sea

Because I still get nervous when you come around
Sweaty palms, silent, stare at the ground
Tear me inside out, tear me up, tear me down
It's always the same, isn't it?

Lately I've been having a real hard time
Lately why that is I can't seem to define

It's all the same faces but with different names
All the same notions and nothing ever gained

I feel like I'm losing it again
Time enough for nothing, time and time again
I feel we've lost before it even begins

But I still get nervous when you come around
I swear I ain't lost, nor looking to be found
Hold tight to me until I can settle down
It's always the same, just different


from Two​-​Bit Strangers [EP], released June 21, 2013
Song written by Kyle Wayne Stewart
Music written and performed by Richard the Lionhearted




Richard the Lionhearted Columbia, Missouri

"They have a sound born before its members were…drawing deep from wells of psychedelic rock and cosmic-minded country sounds that were dug in the 1970s…yet deftly passing their retro-fied sonic penchants through the eye of a modern-rock needle.” ... more

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